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House Carpenter



  1. This traditional English ballad (a term used in the s to describe a song that tells a story) is known by various names, including "Demon Lover" and "James Harris." The song refers to a visit from a past lover who tries to lull a woman from her husband (the house carpenter) and her child. He succeeds, and the two set sail on the sea.
  2. The House Carpenter "Well met, well met, my own true love, well met, well met," cried he. "I've just returned from the salt, salt sea all for the love of thee." "I could have married the King's daughter dear, she would have married me. But I have forsaken her crowns of gold all for the love of thee.".
  3. ” In “ The House Carpenter,” a former lover (a demon in disguise) persuades a wife to forsake husband and children and come away with him, a fatal decision as it turns out. In American and in late British tradition the supernatural tends to get worked out of.
  4. American House Carpenter is an older building, and not as modern as some of the other facilities I've seen. They serve three meals a day, and take care of laundry and housekeeping as much as you want them to. Actually, they take care of everything except for the TV, telephone, and things like that/5(18).
  5. HOUSE CARPENTER (TRAdITIONAL) About. Nice very old english or scottish ballad tune. With the usual lyrics circling around the devil, a woman, betrayal, heaven, hell, and the like. Also known as the „Daemon Lover“. Thank God this is instrumental. Original Key? Tuning Open G (DGDghd).
  6. With a variety of floor plans, we're sure to have the right apartment for you or your loved one. Schedule a virtual tour of American House Carpenter.
  7. The House of the Carpenter is a mission project affiliated with the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Our purpose is to serve the needs of today while building hope for tomorrow. The project serves people throughout the Upper Ohio Valley on both sides of the Ohio River.
  8. For I am married to a house carpenter And I'm sure he's a fine young man Forsake, forsake your house carpenter And come away with me I'll take you where the green grass grows On the shores of sunny Italy So up she picked her babies three And gave them kisses, one, two, three Saying "take good care of your daddy while I'm gone And keep him good.

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